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Hearst from the late 1890s

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Jefferson, Lewis, and Oswego Counties of Northern New York

This collection currently holds information on over 110,000 burials in the Jefferson and Lewis Counties portion Northern New York and select cemeteries in Oswego County of Central New York.

Not all of the burials in this collection have been photographically confirmed. The recording of burials has been a work in progress for over 15 years, long before the advent of digital cameras. Our goal is to digitally photograph all of the gravestones in each of the cemeteries that we visit. As many of the stones have either been removed or have deteriorated to the point of no longer being readable, we may not be able to provide confirmation of the burial.

To obtain the additional information on a particular grave, please use the Information Request page. Also if it shows that a photograph is available, the photographs are currently not online. Please use the Information Request page to request a copy of the photograph.

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Start with full names and work backwards. For example: initially search for Timmerman. If you don't see the individual you're searching for, search again with just the first 3 letters of the surname.

Search for variations in spellings, such as Shell, Schell, or Schall. Remember that humans were involved in the whole process. We make mistakes, stone carvers make mistakes, and the spelling of names change over time.

Try only the first letter of the First Name or Spouse's Name. Occasionally that is all that's in the gravestone.