Cut from the 1890s

Cemeteries and Burials

Jefferson, Lewis, and Oswego Counties of Northern New York

This collection contains all things related to cemeteries. While the main focus is on cemeteries and burials, a section on Gravestone and Cemetery Preservation is also available.

Index to Cemetery Collection
Cemetery Descriptions This collection lists cemeteries that have been identified in Jefferson and Lewis Counties. A detailed description and location information is provide for those cemeteries that we have actually visited. The majority of the cemeteries are in Jefferson County; however, it is being expanded to include portions of Lewis County. There are also select cemeteries in Oswego County.
Burials The burial collection is a compilation of burials in each cemetery derived from all available sources such as DAR readings, Conservation Corps readings, cemetery association records, etc. Those records form the basis for the inventories that we are currently conducting. Photos of headstones are no online at this time due to space constraints; however we will gladly forward any of the photos we have available.. Please use the contact page to request copies of headstone photos.
Cemetery Preservation Having been in over 200 cemeteries, it's amazing the amount of damage done by mother nature and those attempting to enhance the reading of stones. Unfortunately without careful consideration and the use of proper techniques, many stones are being damaged beyond repair. Hopefully the techniques provided here will enable to you to not only read the stones but also ensure that they are preserved for future generations.
Trinity Burial Ground The Trinity Burial Ground, also know as the Old Village Burial Ground, was this first cemetery in the Village of Watertown. This study provides a time line of it's destruction leading to it's becoming a parking lot in downtown Watertown.