Directory Collection

Organization and Community Rosters

Jefferson and Lewis Counties of Northern New York

This collection is one that we use extensively in our effort to fully inventory cemeteries. It consists of business directories, tax rolls, school and organization rosters, etc. Each of these provide an insight as to who was in the area during a specific timeframe. They also reflect those individuals that might not have been in the area during a census.

Index to Directory Collection
1840 Business Directory Individuals and business in the Villages of Watertown, Juhelville, and Pamelia, Jefferson County, NY in 1840. The three villages eventually became the City of Watertown, NY
1863 Business Directory Individuals and business in the Villages of Watertown, Juhelville, and North Watertown, Jefferson County, NY in 1863. All three villages now comprise the City of Watertown, NY.
1918 Farm Directory 1918 Agricultural Directory for Jefferson and Lewis Counties, NY. This directory includes ownership, acreage, type of farm, spouse name, and number of children living at home.
Tax Rolls (Town) Transcriptions of Tax Rolls produced and maintained by the Town's Tax Collector. This collection does not include the Tax Rolls created during the 1941 expansion of Fort Drum. Currently contains information on selected villages in Jefferson County, NY.
Union Academy at Belleville Student, staff, and faculty rosters for the Union Academy, Belleville, NY. Selected years from 1830 through 1912.
Fort Drum Tax Rolls (1941) Individual property owners whose land was acquired during the 1941 expansion of Pine Camp, NY. Pine Camp is today known as Fort Drum.
Animal Markings A registry listing the markings used on animals in the Town of Orleans, Jefferson County, NY during the period 1828 through 1844. Generally includes the name of the individual registering the marking, type of animal, and date of registration.