Woods Mills, NY in 1941

This map is based on the 1941 Tax Map produced in support of the Fort Drum, New York Expansion. The name(s) listed for each tract/parcel is the owner per the Tax Records and does not necessarily represent residents.

Property owners, by tract, are listed below the map. Individual owners are keyed to the numbered circle within each tract of property.

Woods Mills 1941

Woods Mills Property Owners
Tract Owner Acreage
E445 Cemetery not listed
E446 Addie E Reynolds 1.08
E447 P and S Tooley 0.75
E448 Charles H. Pitts 2.20
E449 J and G Bresett 0.40
E450 Celia C. Randall 0.40
E451 H and G Bariteau 0.50
E452 J and H Hall 0.50
E453 Addie E. Reynolds 0.80
E454 A and M Pitts 1.10
E455 J and M Powell 0.75
E456 Earl Brewster 0.25
E457 Helen B. Markwick 0.27
E458 Lewis B. Sprague 0.70
E459 M. E. Church (Trustees) 0.25

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