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Baptisms - Births - Deaths - Marriages - Military Service

Jefferson, Lewis, and St Lawrence Counties of Northern New York

This collection records information regarding the births, baptisms, deaths, marriages, and military service of individuals. While the bulk of the information is extracted from newspapers, information is also gleaned from funeral home records, church records, etc. Rather than keeping separate collections for each source, such as the Hoyt Funeral Home, we treat all of this as individual related. Ideally if we have both a published obituary and a listing in a funeral home records, you should find only one listing for the individual with all relevant sources shown for that individual.

As we are transition from the original databases to the new collections, both the old format and the new combined collections are still available. The new collections provide significantly more detail than we were able to provide previously. Under the new format all of the relevant information is now online. For example not only is the date and place of the event shown, but also any relatives that were listed in the source as well as the cite for the original source.

Individual Collection Notes

Most of the entries in this collection pertain to individuals in the three counties (Jefferson, Lewis, and St. Lawrence) of Northern New York; however, it does contain any individuals that are reported in those sources that we have available to us regardless of where they lived. Typically those individuals residing outside the tri-county area have some tie to Northern New York.

We don't always have copies of the original source, however we can usually direct you to the appropriate organization where copies of the source material can be obtained.

Index to Individuals Collection
Surname Search Searches all the collections for a specific surname.
Baptisms This is a small collection that we hope to grow over time.
Burials The burial collection is a compilation of burials in each cemetery derived from all available sources such as DAR readings, Conservation Corps readings, cemetery association records, etc. Those records form the basis for the inventories that we are currently conducting. Photos of headstones are not online at this time due to space constraints; however we will gladly forward any of the photos we have available.. Please use the contact page to request copies of headstone photos
Deaths Expanded data for Deaths. Not all information has been transferred. Currently approximately 30% of the information has been converted to the new format.
Civil War Individuals who reportedly served in the military during the Civil War.
Family Members Searches all the family members recorded during the transcription of deaths and baptisms.
Marriages Original and new content in a slightly new format. Search has been improved. Additional details are available for those records that have been totally converted to the new format. Approximately 10% of the information has been converted.
Patriot War (1837) Those Individuals that served during the War of 1837